About Us

Hi, I am Lisa Geraci Rigoni, a professional organizer and owner of The Organizing Mentors (formerly Leave it to Lisa). I have joined together a team (my Team Mentors) to help our clients remove clutter and create systems of organizing.

The clutter in your homes, both mentally and physically can cause stress and cause simple tasks to take twice as much time. We provide not only a professionally organized space with systems to keep it organized, but guidance and encouragement to develop new systems and processes that lad to healthy habits.

We work side by side, gently guiding and assisting our clients who learn to ultimately free up their living space, and become more efficient in maintaining their belongings and spaces. In the process, they boost their self-confidence and find peace of mind. We are also aware that some of our clients don’t have the time to organize a space, with work and family commitments. We offer those clients a plan for organizing their space and then we can implement the tasks of getting everything in place.

Our primary mission is, with a professional organizer, to help people improve their current situation. With some of our long term clients, our organizers help identify and eventually resolve the chaos and self-destructive habits that lead to internal and external clutter. We address the issues that have brought our clients to their present state of disorganization, and support them to develop clarity, organizational skills and ultimately less stress and more freedom in time and energy.

Beyond organizing a  space, we encourage our clients to implement best practices and inspire confidence to make positive choices that enrich their lives and set them free from the habits that have kept their minds and spaces cluttered for way too long. After working with them, our clients are recharged from the acceptance and empathy we practice as they reclaim their physical and mental space. The non-judgmental manner our professional organizer Team Mentors utilize is highly effective for long term success.