Interview With Lisa

The Interview with professional organizing expert Lisa

How are you different from other professional organizers?
We take our time getting to know our clients and to honor their needs and wishes. We come prepared for anything and can adjust at a moment’s notice. Professional organizing mentors know that every client, every situation is unique. It takes patience, commitment and a loving heart to do what we do. We understand that sorting through and purging items you have had for many years is emotionally draining and quite difficult. Often time, we end sessions earlier than anticipated to give you the break you need. We pass no judgments. We have only your best interest in our hearts.

What do I need to do to prepare for our appointment and what can I expect?

I highly recommend you do not start moving things around; it may create more of a problem and lengthen our project time organizing. Depending on your project and what areas we are working on, you should have empty boxes/containers, plastic and paper garbage bags. Professional organizing means to be honest, your situation/mess/space may for a short time look even worse than when we began. Fear not – we need to see what is going on and sometimes that means pulling everything out before we pare it down and put what remains, back into place. There will be lots of decisions, boxes and bags…you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon enough. Don’t worry!

Do I need to be with you the whole time?

That really depends on the project and the timing. Some clients want to work side by side during every session. While others leave us the key and just want it done and gone. At our first meeting we will determine what the best practice is for you.

Are you going to make me get rid of all my stuff?

Working with a professional organizing Team Mentors you never have to worry about what some other organizing company may do (decide for you what stays and what goes). We will not ‘make’ you get rid of anything…unless of course you want us to! We trust that because you contacted us in the first place, you already know there are things you do not want or need anymore and are ready to let go of. We begin there and after those items are cleared out, we can focus on the items that are still a question.

What are your rates and how do we begin the process?
All projects are different and we customize each proposal to fit your unique situation. Send me an email at or give me a call at 703-434-9585 and after our initial conversation, we will schedule a consultation either with pictures via email or in person, to see the space and prepare a proposal. We then discuss our professional organizing services the proposal and book your first session. We ask for a $100 deposit to hold your appointment time and encourage a 48-hour cancellation policy (although we do recognize when emergencies arise). We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Can I contact your former or current clients to see what it’s like to work with you?
Please do, I highly encourage you to send an email and ask away. It is our mission (and in our best interest, as well) to ensure all our clients complete satisfaction. We want you to be overjoyed when your professional organizing project is complete. You will want and need to tell all your friends and family how The Organizing Mentors transformed your space, restoring your peace comfort.
Here are a few:
We ONLY work with the very finest clients!

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, we know your time is precious and so is ours. We do have a firm 48hr cancellation policy. We request an email, call and text (especially within 24hrs). We would do the same if we had to cancel. There may be an emergency that comes up, on either side and we are very understanding, of course.