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Lisa Geraci Rigoni

Lisa Geraci Rigoni

Lisa Geraci Rigoni is a professional organizer and owner of The Organizing Mentors (formerly Leave it to Lisa). The team help clients with organizing by removing clutter from their garages, basements, closets and work spaces while providing them with guidance and encouragement to develop new habits. Working side by side, clients ultimately free up their living space, and learn to become more efficient in maintain it. In the process, they boost their self-confidence and find peace of mind.

Lisa’s primary mission is to help individuals, families and organizations improve their current situations with organizing systems and spaces. If required, she or a member of her team will identify and help resolve the chaos and self-destructive habits that lead to internal and external clutter. By addressing the issues that have brought clients to their present state of disorganization, clients develop clarity and freedom. Beyond organizing space, Lisa and her team coach clients to implement best practices and inspire confidence to make positive choices that enrich their lives and set them free from the habits that have kept their minds and spaces cluttered. After working with organizing mentors, clients are recharged from the acceptance and empathy they practice as they reclaim their physical and mental space. The non-judgmental manner Lisa and her team utilize is highly appreciated by those who engage her team for assistance. Lisa is also a proud board member for Women Giving Back, a charitable organization in Virginia.

Kathleen Ortt

I LOVE organizing.  If you ask any of my friends or family, they’ll tell you I truly love helping others de-clutter and find the sense of calm and joy that always follows.  Organization is all about making room and time in your life for what is really important, which can involve balancing the emotional and the pragmatic sides of our brains.  I enjoy helping you look at your belongings and your spaces to identify what is really important and why, and then collaborate in creating a system that works for you.  
I grew up in a very organized home (the mantra was “Don’t put it down, put it away!”) and I now fully realize the great benefits in that. I have a degree in Urban Planning from Virginia Tech, where my organizational nature aligned with the study of the development of land and public services. My work with The Organizing Mentors allows me to exercise my passion for detail and order while helping others find more time and less stress in improving their living spaces.   I love listening and really getting to know my clients and what they need. Their trust in me helps me discover and implement new strategies and solutions to “de-stress” their lives.  Life moves fast these days, and my goal is to help them gain control of their living spaces and in turn to live more peacefully. 

Sally Prouty

Growing up in a small house with 6 kids and 2 adults I quickly learned the importance and the necessity of having an organized space.  As a kid, I would always be arranging and rearranging my bedroom space that I shared with my 2 sisters to make it feel like our sanctuary even though it was small. It made me feel more relaxed when the space was clutter free and organized.

I received my master’s degree in Psychological Services Counseling from Marymount University in Arlington VA. After graduating I worked as a clinician in a residential facility for children and teenagers where I conducted individual, family and group therapy. I enjoy helping others deal with their problems whether it be an emotional issue or a physical one. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals and resolving conflict that might be holding them back.

Marie-Therese Rancourt

Marie Therese Rancourt

What qualifies me to help you put harmony in your life by organizing?

First, I think that physical “stuff” is overrated, less is better and that a well-organized space is the ultimate luxury.

Second, my knowledge and expertise, my life experiences, and my desire to help you reach your peace of mind are my main assets.

My work experiences are diversified, from managing an astrophysicist pavilion, computer software development to international development. Additionally, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and International Politics at George Mason University.

Besides my work, my life experiences qualify me and have developed my abilities. Being from a family of nine children, I practiced first-hand the motto “each thing has a place”. I learned to categorize items in my house as well, and by doing so, it became easier to find them without searching everywhere.

My expertise is in decluttering, to bring you joy and peace of mind and give you your space back.

Why work with The Organizing Mentors? We are a group of women with life experiences similar to most of our clients. We can relate to them with empathy, compassion and friendship while encouraging, mentoring and organizing their surroundings.

Finally, what I enjoy most is to change chaos into peace and we must go through decluttering to achieve that peaceful space.

Victoria Willett

I grew up in Potomac, Maryland and received my BA in English from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. After a rewarding career at KMPG, I chose to put my career on hold to stay home to raise my daughter and son. Staying home with two young children and taking care of aging parents while my husband traveled extensively required major organizational skills. But even an organized person sometimes needs help. As I wrote in an article, “Try a Professional Organizer” in the 2017 Spring Homes Guide of the Loudoun Times Mirror, I reached out to Lisa Geraci Rigoni to partner with her to get some tools, guidance and help with organizing my parent’s home. Mutual respect and similar values and beliefs about how to help people declutter and organize their homes led to our wonderful working relationship.
To read more about how Victoria became a team member visit our feature in Loudoun Times.