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Hi, I am Lisa Geraci Rigoni, the founder of The Organizing Mentors. Through helping hundreds of people for nearly two decades, I have discovered the mental blocks that hold us back from less cluttered living. The Team Mentors and I have helped clients across the DC Metro area and beyond discover why they hold onto their stuff. We work closely with our clients to break through unhealthy connections and get the answers to why physical and mental stuff can be so challenging to let go.

We understand that sorting through and purging items can be emotionally draining. Every client and every situation is unique, so I train all Team Mentors to take their time getting to know each client and honor their needs. It takes patience, commitment, and a loving heart to do what we do. We pass no judgments. We have only your best interest in our hearts.

We are ready to help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

"This was our second call to Lisa and The Organizing Mentors within the last 5 years."

Many thanks to Lisa who, in the last month, thoughtfully and compassionately help my 82-year-old mother prepare to leave her home of 12 years and move across the country.

Lisa and Libby’s efforts were consistently matched with a warm manner, calm demeanor, and a friendly, can-do attitude.
Now that mom is settled in her new place and space, I am truly grateful to Lisa and the Organizing Mentors.
I heartily recommend Lisa and the Organizing Mentors’ services without reservation.

– Cindy W.

"I cannot wait to schedule my next appointment."

Every staff person on their team is kind, non-judgemental, understanding, and knows exactly how to organize even the biggest mess. Each organizer we have worked with has been able to help us through the process of sorting, deciding what to keep and what goes, and then organizing what’s left in a way that is convenient and looks nice.

– Candice G.

"Lisa and Cris were amazing!"

I had such a great experience with The Organizing Mentors. Lisa and Cris were amazing! They helped inventory, price, and sell furniture and household items for a house that we recently sold. Cris efficiently handled the entire process from beginning to end and kept us informed throughout. Within a few weeks we sold almost every item. I would definitely use The Organizing Mentors again and would highly recommend them to a friend.

– Pam W.

"Outstanding service and follow-up."

I recently sold my large 4-floor condo so fast I was prepared to do anything let alone prepare to move. Called these folks and Lisa sent an amazing organizer over and she proceeded to turn my nightmare into a manageable situation which greatly prepared me for closing and enabled me to take a beach vacation with the kids, otherwise, I would still be picking up stuff from all over the place and doing whatever with it. Great service, highly recommend it, especially to men who are clueless at organizing like me.

– Jim

"First class and ahead of the curve all the way."

I think Lisa and Her Merry Men deserve 6 stars. First class and ahead of the curve all the way. From 30+ minutes early to hanging pictures, Lisa is first one in and last one out. I cannot convey enough my appreciation for the quality of her side of her organization and of her hires who are professional in every sense of the word. She does the best because she is the best and she surrounds herself with personnel who are the best. It is really very simple!!

– William C.

The Organizing Mentors in the News

The Stuff About Your Stuff Isn’t About Your Stuff 

Everyone has clutter. Some of it we can see in our homes, cars and offices. And some clutter we walk around with daily-deep inside where no one can see, not even us.  I started my journey into professional organizing in 2008. Little did I know that back in 2006 when I...

Lisa Spotlights on Great Day Washington Channel 9

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lisa presents her LITL system on Channel 9 Great Day Washington to give back people’s space both mentally and physically.

The LITL System

STEP 1: Let It Go | What items can you let go of? Start with what you know you don’t want or need anymore.
STEP 2: Intentional | This is the step that can stop you in your tracks – the part where psychology comes into play.
STEP 3: Transform Your Space | This is your moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished.
STEP 4: Love It / Live It! | The space surrounding you will be a truer representation of who you are, and living within that space becomes uplifting and empowering. You’ll love it, and you’ll love living in it!

Getting to Peace

of Mind

The Organizing Mentors are a different kind of professional organizing team. We don’t just help you cull the clutter. Many clients uncover the deeper psychological reasons for holding onto things piled up in their homes – responsibility, regret, guilt, and fear. We help them break through those challenges and get the peace of mind (and space) they deserve.

Set up a complimentary call with Lisa to discuss your unique situation. What’s stopping you…

What’s Stopping You from Taking the First Step?

One question we get often is: Are you going to make me get rid of all my stuff? The short answer? No. When you work with The Organizing Mentors, you are the only one who ultimately decides what stays and what goes.

We will not “make” you get rid of anything… unless of course you want us to! We trust that because you contacted us, you already know there are things you don’t want or need anymore. We begin there. We will teach you The LITL System – walking with you through your journey of why you hold onto things.

It’s just a call. You can do this. We’re here to help you get the peace of mind you deserve!

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