Packages & A La Carte

The Organizing Mentors will help you achieve your organizing goals.  Achieving an organized space is as much mental as it is physical.  Our goal is not only to get your space organized, but to give you the tools to keep your organizing goals for good.  We will support you every step of the way! We provide package options, as well as  customized quotes based on your individual needs, whether it is one project or multiple projects.

Since every situation is different and some organizing goals do not require a long term package, we offer proposals on a per project basis. For example: Garages, basements, packing up for a move, unpacking after a move, closets, kitchens, etc…Sometimes it’s the whole house, sometimes just a few parts of the whole. We are here for all your organizational struggles and challenges no matter how large or small.



If you have several rooms in your home that are overwhelming, we can reduce your stress and give you back your space.  We design simple, individualized sessions to achieve your vision for your space and increase your efficiency.  We can do all the sorting, you can jump in or a little of both.  Ideally, we work room by room but that’s not always the case.  In this package you get these amazing EXTRAS

6 cleaning service sessions with in the spaces we are targeting, an interior design consultation, home storage and garage space consultation and additional LitL organizers when needed.  We also have relationships with hypnotists, energy workers, FengShui practitioners and healers.  Our database is open to you for home stagers, home improvement and much more.  At the end of each session, we will remove all items set aside for donation, deliver to non-profit and send you the tax receipts.


This package is designed for the person that has a few areas they cannot seem to get a handle on; no room in your garage for cars, jam-packed closets, too many toys in the basement, never ending mounts of papers…  We will assist in getting your space organized and develop a plan for you to keep it that way.

Included in this package:
3 cleaning service sessions, in the space we are targeting and additional organizers, if needed.  We will also remove all items set aside for donation, deliver to non-profit and send you the tax receipts.


You’re pretty organized; you have a few problem areas, just need a reasonable routine you can stick with.  When you get the plan you will do the homework, but you still need the motivation and accountability to stay ahead of the clutter.
This package includes:
1 cleaning service session, within a targeted space and additional organizers, if needed.