Christmas Ornament Storage


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  • ORGANIZE ALL - The organizer is large enough to fit up to 128 Christmas ornaments, each one 3 “. Individual sections allow you to store each holiday ornament in its own slot. Dividers are made of sturdy cardboard that will keep your ornaments neat and collected.
  • HANDY FEATURES - Both ends of the Christmas organizer have sturdy handgrips, enabling you to lift and drag it with ease. Longer handles on the sides allow you to carry it on stairs or from room to room. On the exterior, there are additional pockets and a card slot for identification.
  • PROTECTED IN STORAGE - The organizer is crafted of breathable nonwoven material, protecting your Christmas ornaments from moisture. Cover zips closed for safe and protected storage, with no dust or grime accessing your ornaments. Spare yourself the expense of purchasing new ones every year and the heartache of your precious ornaments ruined.
  • DURABLE AND EASY - Constructed of sturdy fabric with cardboard sides, it just doesn’t get sturdier than this. Durable enough to withstand constant use without showing wear and tear, this will last you through many happy holidays.
  • HOLIDAY SPIRITS - Cheery Christmas colors liven up the atmosphere and make packing up the Christmas holiday a pleasurable experience. Designed with lively hues, it lends a sophisticated yet exciting look to your holiday storage.


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