Too Many Bathroom Products

After going through my bathroom and throwing at least $100 worth of old, used, expired, ‘didn’t like’ products into the trash (sorting out the unused and donate-able items first), I have made a pact with myself to finish all lotions, shampoos, deodorants, and facial stuff before I buy another thing (even if it’s my brand AND on sale!).

Doing this has been so invigorating. I am delighted as I squeeze out the last drop of moisturizer, rinse out the container and put it into the recycle bin. I giggle, just a little, when my hair sticks up after I use my old, thick, ‘sticky’ gel in it. I grin at myself in the mirror because I am proud of the commitment I have made. I know in a few more months, I will have more room under my bathroom sink and in my medicine cabinet. I will have saved money and time — not buying new items. And most of all, I can take care of myself with new products that honor who I am today.

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