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No matter the space, our goal is to encourage, mentor, and empower you to take back your space both mentally and physically.

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Burst pipes? Water damage? We really hope it never happens to you. But if it does, we can help.

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We often work with busy clients who need support. Let us help you check those organizing projects off your list!

Why Declutter?

Did you know that decluttering your home can positively impact your mental health as well as your physical space? It’s true. Psychologists tell us we can reduce anxiety and stress by clearing the clutter to reclaim valuable space, helping us live a happier, healthier life. More space builds your confidence, improves mental clarity, helps you feel energized, and saves you precious time and money! Your health will benefit from less dust, fewer places for bugs and rodents to hide, and safer surroundings. From organizing small pantries to large estates to senior downsizing, we have worked with hundreds of happy clients to successfully organize their homes and lives by using our proprietary LITL System of organizing anything. Let us help you reclaim your peace of mind today!

The LITL System

STEP 1: Let It Go

What items can you let go of? Start with what you know you don’t want or need anymore. We know what we don’t want. These are the quick decisions, things you know in your gut you’re ready to get rid of, which is often the bulk of the job. Clearing this first layer away gives you the confidence and momentum you need for the harder decisions, giving you a clear view to what’s left, the items that are more important to you.

STEP 2: Be Intentional

This is the step that can stop you in your tracks – the part where psychology comes into play. Things can come with baggage. This is about examining the responsibility, emotion or guilt behind why you’ve kept these things.  This is the time when you ask yourself the tough questions. Why do you still own it? What does it mean to you? Is it important enough to keep and still have the life you want?

STEP 3: Transform Your Space

This is your moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. You’ve not only reclaimed your physical space, but with greater self awareness and honesty a mental shift has happened. You’ve reclaimed your mental space as well. This changes the way you look at your situation, your space and yourself.

STEP 4: Love It & Live It!

What you’re left with are those items that you love and/or need. Your world is now focused and less cluttered physically and mentally. The space surrounding you will be a truer representation of who you are, and living within that space becomes uplifting and empowering. You’ll love it, and you’ll love living in it!

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