It’s Spring Cleaning Time! How to Maximize the Space Around You

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Reading Time: 5 minutes
Reading Time: 5 minutes

In this blog, we will show you how to Maximize Condo Space and Maximize Small Closet Space among other space-saving tips and tricks. Spring Cleaning is a Great Time to Maximize the space we have. We will learn about Maximizing Condo Space, Maximizing Small Closet Space, Maximizing Basement Space and other areas of your home.

Spring is here, which has many homeowners working on spring cleaning tasks to freshen the home after a long winter hibernation. As you are putting together your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t underestimate the importance of clearing clutter to open up your living space.  This will not only help with making your space feel larger, it will keep what you need for the spring season close at hand.

There’s a reason spring cleaning is a ritual every year. As the weather warms up, it makes sense to pack away your winter clothing accessories, so they’re out of the way and ready for next season. It’s the perfect time for decluttering your closets and maximizing small closet space. We’ve also got a few tips to help maximize condo space. You can get started by searching for spring cleaning tips and tricks for a DIY approach. Or, for faster and better results, call a professional organizer in Virginia. Let’s start with those spring cleaning tips and tricks for spring cleaning and then you can decide if a professional organizer is the better choice for you.

Maximize Condo Space by Using The LITL System

Spring cleaning is a great time to focus on looking around your living space and seeing what you’re no longer using. Wondering how to get started? We suggest you start with The LITL System. Take the first step to maximize condo space by using the Let It Go method. Go through your closet and see what you can easily get rid of in the name of maximizing small closet space. We’re not strict adherents to rules about how long you’ve had something. Instead, think about whether you’ll ever wear something again or not. You know what we mean? The top that looked great on Amazon, but not on you, in person. Things that are cut a little strange and didn’t really flatter you. Colors you thought would look better, but didn’t – Let It Go and complete your goal of maximizing small closet space.

Then, go through your condo and see what you can easily let go. Just pulling out a few things can make a difference in feeling like you are maximizing small closet space. Got a chair you’ve been meaning to replace? Let It Go! Have a pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to get to the thrift store? Let It Go! Got some small collectibles that don’t seem so collectible anymore? Let It Go! If you can’t identify the items that are cramping your space but know your space is just too confining, you might be ready for a decluttering service to step in and help.

There are charities across our community that could use those donations to make someone else’s life better. For example, Women Giving Back could use women and children’s clothing. Your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is looking for household goods to support affordable homeownership opportunities. By letting things go, you’re not only working to maximize condo space, but you’re also helping others in your community!

Ideas for Maximizing Closet Space for Kids

Most parents will agree: it seems like the “stuff” in the house quickly stacks up when kids are around. As the winter season is wrapping up, spring cleaning is the time to do an assessment of the winter clothing and gear, such as sweaters, coats, ski bibs, boots, gloves, hats, and more.  Getting these items organized will immediately help in maximizing closet space.

You might set winter gear aside so a younger child can grow into the sizes. But, if you don’t have any younger kids, it’s time to donate the winter gear that will be too small next year. Talk to any professional organizer in Northern Virginia, and they will suggest sending out the donations right away instead of storing these outgrown items until next season.   Maximizing closet space immediately is key.

Set aside a time for spring cleaning where you go through all the “stuff” related to your kids’ winter wear and be intentional about pulling out everything that’s not needed next year. Make sure that every item that stays in your kids’ closets will be used during this time of year. Then it’s time to donate the rest! You can take these items to local charities helping children in the community, thrift shops, or take the bags of used clothes to local homeless shelters.

Use This Spring Cleaning Checklist For Storing Out-of-Season Clothes

For those things you keep, remember your storage methods matter. If you are careful about packing up and storing out-of-season clothes, it means that you don’t need to wash, repair, or re-buy these items again next season. Use this spring cleaning checklist for storing your out-of-season clothes with a few clothing storage tips from a home decluttering service professional:

  •  Launder everything before storing it for the season

  • Use plastic totes to prevent water damage and moths

  • Consider using clear totes so you can see the contents inside

  • Put like clothing together, such as a bin for hats and gloves and another bin for sweaters

  • Store by sizing, with adult winter gear and children’s clothing in separate totes

  • Have a dedicated space for storing winter gear, such as an attic or garage shelving

  • Invest in quality equipment from a closet organizer in Washington, DC, including shelving and racks

Remember the acronym CCDD when choosing a storage location. Keep winter clothing in an area that is cool, clean, dry, and dark.

Other Services That A Professional Organizer in Northern Virginia Could Assist You With

Still curious about other types of services you might need for maximizing small closet space, interested in more tips to maximize condo space, or ready to tackle even more areas in your home?  A professional organizer in Northern Virginia could help with maximizing space in a small kitchen by teaching you how to maximize fridge space.  If the ideas for maximizing closet space found here got you started but you are looking for creative ways to maximize basement space, you are probably ready to reach out to a home decluttering service. Working with a professional organizer will not only help you maximize your small spaces, but it will also provide you with ideas that you’ll be able to implement in other spaces, too. Maybe you need help maximizing dorm room space for your college kids or you are wondering how to maximize space in an apartment after they move off campus.  You will be able to immediately use the advice you receive from the professional organizer and you’ll be thrilled with all the ways that you’ll be able to implement what you learn into maximizing all your small and large spaces.

Free Consultation for Decluttering Services Near Me

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